Top 5 Things to do in Perth Western Australia

Perth, a vibrant capital of Western Australia, is probably one of the top cities in world with most lovable tour destinations. It has best wine bars and beautiful colonial architectures, Sunny beaches and glittering skyscrapers, spectacular green parks and funky neighbourhood. It has more passion and energy than any other city in the world.

Perth is blessed with sunny days all year. A coastline of white-sandy beaches, large natural bushland, lots of parks, and Swan River flowing in the middle of the city makes it perfect tour destination. Let’s make a list of top 5 things to do in Perth Western Australia. Whether you are in the town for only two days or will be there for rest of your life, you should try these.

  1. A walk in the Kings Park

Kings Park is situated right above Swan River and at the centre of Perth city. From there you can see how beautiful this city is. This park has wonderful and weird plants, and colourful wild flowers bloom during the month of spring. State war memorials and proliferation of statues, memorials and monuments are scattered throughout. There is a network of cycle paths and trails Criss-Crossing the garden, natural bushland and lawns. It is a perfect destination to spend half of your day, and it should be at the top of your list.

  1. Western Australian Museum

It is in Perth’s Cultural Centre, near Art Gallery of Western Australia. It unveils social and natural history with a number of exhibits that inspire us. The highlight of attraction is the huge collection of artefacts. There a range of exhibits, from dinosaurs to diamonds, and butterflies to birds. Within the museum, people can see an old jail, which was constructed in 1853 and used as a prison until 1888.

  1. Rottnest Island: A gateway close to Perth

It is just half hour ferry ride from Fremantle Harbour – You can visit there as a day trip from Perth. This island is natural and wild, you will find lots of shops and holiday cottages. It is close to the city and one of the best places to see real Australia, both on land and water. You can swim at beaches protected by reefs. Explore coastline and salt lakes of the island on a bicycle. Tour heritage buildings and lighthouse of the island’s small settlement.

  1. St Mary’s Cathedral

It was constructed three centuries ago. St Mary’s Cathedral is a neo gothic church that was renovated extensively in past. This site was first included in plan of Perth in the year 1838. It is one of the places where you can escape the fast life of this busy city. For a $5 donation, tourists can enjoy full tour of the building ever Tuesday.

  1. Tour Swan Valley

Food, Quality Culinary, and Dinning is the identity of Swan Valley. You can cycle through vineyard or use cruse upriver. It is also known as valley of taste, because of fresh and heavenly food and wine. It is known for more generic offering such as fresh fruits, cheeses, wines, and many specific food products such as scones, honey and craft beers, chutneys, and olive oil.

Perth is a pretty safe city but any time you are travelling you should be prepared for the unexpected. You really should take out travel insurance or even life insurance if you have dependents. If you are looking for Life Insurance Perth in Osborne Park then there are a few options like that which will give you peace of mind for your family.

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating vs. Reverse Cycle Heating

Costs considerations

We are unfortunately living in difficult economic times and it seems that energy prices is on a steep upward curve and everything possible has to be done to conserve energy. Research has clearly proven that gas ducted heating is significantly more cost efficient than the reverse cycle both in regard to performance and efficiency. Furthermore new technologies is now making ducted gas heaters even more efficient as has been seen with the very first seven star equivalent product which is manufactured by Braemar. With this amazingly efficient product consumers can expect to save almost $450 annually in operating costs when compared to a typical electric ducted reverse cycle heating system. Besides an increasing number of people is very concerned about the environment and therefore they will be happy to learn that this product is significantly more environment friendly and this is because this product is emitting a lot less greenhouse gas compared to other forms of heating.

Extensive research has been done

The highly recommended Australian gas Association has found that gas ducted central heating is able to substantially reduce the amount of harmful emissions, in fact it only emits about 30% of greenhouse gases compared to other systems. When temperatures drop reverse cycle systems become increasingly inefficient but this is not the case with be very effective Braemar ducted gas systems which will continue to maintain the temperature of your home at your preferred setting and because of the efficiency of the system it will not be affected at all by dropping outside temperatures. We are simply talking about an extremely sophisticated system which is able to provide instant heat without the side effects experienced when using inferior systems which has been known to dry out people’s eyes. Extensive tests have proven emphatically that when using a ducted gas heating system you will have an evenly heated family home and you always remain in total control and you can increase or decrease the temperature according to your particular needs.

Understanding star ratings

Just like hotels, the more stars that those establishments have the better will be the service and also the quality of the accommodation. This is also applying to heating systems and some of the things which is considered when issuing ratings is the percentage of gas which is used during that heating process and also how much of the gas which is used is actually converted into heat. The more efficient the system the higher will be the star rating and the more gas is converted into heat. These things have been carefully calculated by the Australian gas Association and it is based on results which has been calculated in according with a predetermined testing methodology. Based on the above information there can be absolutely no doubt that the Braemar ducted gas systems is the one which you should install in your family home if you want to experience genuine efficiency and reliability. There is currently no other manufacturer that is coming close to the standards which is been achieved by Braemar ducted gas systems.

Intense Pulsed Light Lasers

Have you used a laser hair removal kit? Well, here’s something a little more different, the Intense Pulsed Light Laser. Do you know what the Intense Pulsed Light Laser (IPL) is? Are you hoping to remove hair from your body? There are a lot of solutions to that. IPL is one of them.

A type of light therapy, the IPL is used for several procedures pertaining to dermatology. It is extensively used for hair removal as well. What really distinguishes the IPL from common laser treatments is the number of wavelengths emitted by them. Laser treatment emits a single wavelength of from a diode while the IPL makes use of multiple wavelengths.

How does the IPL work?

The Intense Pulsed Laser hair removal machines work in the manner of a flash lamp. It emits multiple wavelengths, scattered to a region. IPL provides the most optimum results for a considerable fairer skin with darker coloured hair. However, the IPL treatment is slightly more painful compared to a laser hair removal machine. Laser hair removal kits are designed with fans to ensure lesser pain to the user. The spectral range of the intense pulsed light laser ranges between 500 to 1200 nm.

The IPL laser treatment utilizes the laser light that is made to travel on the skin. The light then is made to strike the root of the hair to be removed. The roots of the hair are also termed as bulbs. These bulbs are typically more in number in areas with much higher melanin concentration. Your target hair then absorbs the radiation and gets heated instantly. This results in the hair getting entirely destroyed. The one disadvantageous factor associated with the IPL is that it light cannot be focused to form a much concentrated beam.

When looking for pulsed light photorejuvination machines you need to go with a reputable manufacturer. The machines cost palomar_starlux_lasertens of thousands of dollars and operate at a high voltage. We always recommend the Palomar Starlux laser system, the  most advanced laser and pulsed light system in the world for aesthetic applications. Recognized as the Gold Standard in laser and pulsed light technology, the Palomar system offers exceptional versatility, and patient comfort and safety.

Intense Pulse Light Laser finds extensive use in the treatment and maintenance of the skin. Treatment of blood vessel is done using the IPL laser.

What are the benefits of the Intense Pulse Light Laser?

  • The Intense Pulse Light Laser hair removal is very acceptable by people everywhere. It is a comfortable form of hair removal. This treatment does not cause any form of skin irritation or skin damage. Cooling systems are integrated with the IPL kits for a more comfortable hair removal solution.
  • It is a permanent form of hair removal or reduction. It provides a very long-lasting result.
  • Another significant benefit of the IPL is that is a quick and easy hair removal system. It does not have too many complications involved with it. It causes a faster and a much effective hair and skin care treatment.

Is the Intense Pulse Light Laser treatment for you?

An Intense Pulse Light Laser treatment is typically for anyone whether it is a child, man or woman; everyone can benefit from it. However, the treatments are personalized depending on the age, skin type and hair concentration of the person. This form of treatment is very effective on almost about every skin type.


5 Interesting characteristics of a Japanese Kitchen

The Japanese are lovers of peace and harmony. They are also lovers of Manga and technology. Make a Japanese inspired kitchen and bring in the Zen way of life into your home. Here are a few characteristics of the Japanese kitchen.


The Japanese concept of Shibusa is an enriched, subdued appearance or experience of intrinsically fine quality with economy of form, line, and effort, producing a timeless tranquility. This extends to their architecture as well. Japanese kitchens are extremely minimalistic. They use open spaces without walls to allow flow of air and natural light. The Japanese believe in clean and uncluttered living. The balance of a Zen life shows in there architecture style too. Very less furniture, less use of doors and walls gives there kitchen a harmonious look and a modern feel. Use simple clean lines and no fussy details. Apply this Zen philosophy to design your kitchen and also to un-clutter your soul.

Bring in the nature

The Japanese love the nature and respect it. They bring it into their kitchens in the form of plants – maybe make a little herb garden or use traditional bonsai plants. Colorful ornamental plants are not usually a part of the Japanese kitchen. Go for the basic, simple greens. Put large, fully open windows and let the nature flow in. Go the natural way and give your kitchen a fresh healthy feel.


Use of neutral tones which denote balance and harmony is encouraged. White, shades of beige, grey, wood browns and green through plants forms the basis of any Japanese kitchen color palate.

A little bit of fun

If simple lines, minimalistic furniture and shades of white sound a bit plain to you, then here is an aspect of the Japanese culture that you will love. They like everything cute and Manga. Let your favorite Manga characters adorn the wall or put cute little trinkets on the fridge and make your kitchen a fun place.

Go the Shoji way

Shoji are Japanese styled screens and sliding doors. They are a wonderful feature to have if you are low on space. They slide back and forth saving the space, a swinging door would take up. They are made up of fine translucent paper held by a wooden frame. Another big advantage of using the shoji is that they do not block natural light and views.


Finally any Japanese kitchen interior is summed up perfectly by the aesthetic concepts of wabi – sabi which includes simplicity, economy, modesty, asymmetry, austerity and appreciation of natural objects and materials. If you are looking for help with a custom kitchen renovations project in Melbourne we recommend the team at Kitchen Design Victoria. Call Mick on 03 9504 2666.

How to List Your Business in Local Directories

If you are a local home improvement business how can you get found? Well obviously 15 years ago it was the Yellow Pages but now that has changed. Most people will go to major directory websites. The foremost being Google but that’s not all. Some people will go to recognized brands they know like True Local or Yelp. In this article I will show you which directories to list in and why.

Why list in directories?

So why should you list your home improvement business in a directory website? The answer is two-fold. Firstly these sites get many hundreds of thousands of visitors per month organically. That means people are coming to these sites from Google organic and paid ads so you don’t have to pay. Then they are searching for local businesses near them and you might be one of those!

The second benefit is the backlink you receive from these directories! Each directory listing includes a hyperlink back to your site which will be in the form of This is good because it is natural and diversifies your anchor text profile. Since Google Penguin update sites were penalized for having too many “money keyword” backlinks like “blue widget company”. Having URL directory links safeguards you against this.

So which directories are the best?

In Australia you will want to go for the top 10 most linked Directories. These are below:

As you can see they are mostly well known brands. They offer a lot of free traffic and confer a strong SEO benefit from backlinks. So go for these.

Example Client

One of my clients is a Kitchen Renovation company called Kitchen Design Victoria. Their SEO rankings weren’t great but after adding them to the above mentioned directories they moved up 5-10 spots on most keywords. That is because real businesses use these directories. So it looks natural and is totally safe. Here is an example of how one of the directory links was set up:

 You can see how we added a short descripotion and a long description. It is also important to use a consistent NAP (Name, Address & Phone number) format on these directories. Google likes consistency so keep them all identical if you can.

I hope that was helpful and you can see the value in adding your home improvement business to these top 10 directories in Australia. Here is a tutorial we found that could help if you are starting out:

How to Store Wine the Right Way

2wine-storage50The knowledge of how to store wine the right way is important in preserving the quality of the wine. For centuries, wines have continued to be one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Though most of wine’s aroma and flavor is due to its serving technique, aging and brewing, not many understand the impact of proper storage on the taste of wine. Although experts can take long hours to explain the right way to store wine; you can learn this by understanding the fundamentals.

Temperature is a key factor in preserving wine; hence it is very important when it has to do with storage. When it comes to the temperature of wine, some experts consider storage to be more important than serving of wine. When wine is stored at a very high temperature, it will become oxidized and begin to age prematurely, destroying some of its flavor. Storing wine at a very low temperature will decrease the natural aging process and recede some of the most delicate flavors.

The ideal temperature for storing red wine is between 50 and 65 Fahrenheit. When storing wine, endeavor to maintain the temperature. Any fluctuation of temperature may have an adverse effect on the quality of the wine and its flavors could be permanently eroded.

Wine is also affected by humidity and light. Uncontrolled humidity can adversely affect the quality of wine. Also light has the same effect on wine like heat; it has the power to oxidize wine. Too little humidity will cause drying out of the cork which will allow air to enter the bottle and oxidize to wine, while excessive humidity will cause mildew and mold to form on the bottle.

Wine should be stored with the bottle lying on its side to keep the wine always in contact with the cork. This will prevent the cork from drying out. The label side of the bottle should be kept upwards to easily spot any sediment that could have formed during storage.

As you can see there are a lot of important factors in storing wine the right way. In order to achieve the right conditions you can spend a lot of money creating a climate controlled room in your home. Another alternative is to find pre-existing wine storage centres or facilities like the one at Wilson Storage. They offer a cutting edge climate controlled wine storage facility across their locations in Melbourne.

It is not true that wine gets better with age. Many wines that are produced these days, especially the less expensive ones will not improve in quality over time. Most good wines can be stored for up to 10 years. Do not be tempted to store an unfinished bottle of wine in the fridge. All you need to do is to re-cork the bottle and store it. Wines should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place.

3 Must Do Things in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide is a exciting city that is definitely small enough to make touring around super easy, however large enough there is something for each one of the visitors to take pleasure in. If you spend a day roaming around the town, you’ll discover plenty of dining places, cafes, distinctive shops, as well as interesting inlets to explore, however, you might overlook some of Adelaide’s hidden gems. Next time a person land within South Australia’s capital, here are some things you may want to check out:


  1. South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is renowned for its world-class natural history and cultural collections. The Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural material, with over 3,000 artefacts on display, and the culturally significant Yuendumu Doors. The South Australian Biodiversity Gallery brings into sharp focus the land and marine wildlife of South Australia, with touch screens, interactive elements and a wealth of information.

Other galleries include the Pacific Cultures, Megafauna, Opalised Fossils, Mawson, Ediacaran, Minerals and the Ancient Egyptian Room. A great building inspection can be carried out by The ever-popular information centre on level one contains a wealth of information and direct access to the collections, with staff available for identification of objects and assistance with research.

A vibrant program of temporary exhibitions includes the prestigious annual Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, the stunning ANZANG (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea) Nature Photography, and annual summer blockbuster events that are always a big hit.


  1. Adelaide’s Central Market

Central Market is the city’s hub for all things food. Hundreds of farmers and specialty shop owners arrive early in the morning to ensure that they have the freshest food available to the crowds of locals that mill through the market every day. From veggies and fruits to fresh-caught seafood and locally-pastured meats, you’re sure to find something unique that will fire up your taste buds.

Visit the stalls that double as tiny cafes to taste daily made soups, breads, pierogi, falafel, and many more specialty items from a variety of vendors, some of whom who are born and bred in South Australia, and others who hail from faraway lands.

If you really want an insider’s look, there are tours available that will teach you the history of the market, allow you to sample wares from various stalls, and show you tips and tricks for choosing the freshest, highest-quality items every time.

And even if you’re just not that into food, you can pick up some second-hand books, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, handmade jewellery, or one of the country’s best coffees.


  1. The Hahndorf

Hahndorf is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia and it shows. From the quaint streets to the pubs and hotels that date back to the 1830‘s, Hahndorf’s rustic charm will capture you on first sight.

Only 20 minutes from the central business district, a visit to this small town makes for a perfect day trip, and once you arrive you can choose from a variety of activities: visit the Main Street cellar doors, pop into unique shops that boast handmade German crafts and gifts, tuck into a bratwurst feast at the historic pubs, or make your way to the famous Beerenberg farm and go berry picking.

The Beerenberg farm offers an onsite shop where you can choose from a huge variety of locally produced products and preserves before picking up a pail and walking out to the pristine strawberry fields to try your hand at finding a bucketful of sweet, juicy berries. Enjoy the sunshine and the quiet of the countryside as you make your way through the rows of strawberry plants, choose the brightest, lushest berries for your pail, and then take home your bounty to enjoy with some brilliant Adelaide bubbly or a selection of local cheeses.

Hope you would like our top 3 Adelaide picks, do tell us if we’ve missed any.


When should you replace a oak timber floors?

One of the greatest attributes to having oak timber floors in your house is that when they get damaged, usually all you have to do to fix them is to sand the surface and refinish the newly exposed wood. However, there always comes a time in the life of wood flooring where you will be required to replace the floors, not just refinish them.

There are many factors to consider when deciding between replacing and refinishing. The first is price- it is much more expensive to replace than to refinish. Consider that replacing involves not only the taking out of the old floor and the replacement of the new floor but also labor and product costs.

Oak timber floors should be changed every 10-15 years

But, you must also consider how long the floors have been in use and if they have ever been refinished before. Even oak floors, which will last the longest of any other type of flooring, need to eventually be replaced. According to the experts at Kustom Timber, if the oak flooring is more than a few decades old, you would more likely be better off replacing the floor rather than trying to refinish it, as old oak floors are often resistant to refinishing after many years of use. Another factor to consider is time. Refinishing an oak floor is a time consuming (and expensive) process that involves saws, sanders, basecoats and topcoats, a process that might take at least four or five days.

A quick beginners guide to knowing when to replace your oak timber floors involves a few skills of keen observation. If you can see the tongue of the boards where they fit together, it’s probably time for a new floor. Or if when you walk across the floor, the boards seem bouncy as opposed to sturdy, that means you need a new floor as the existing floor has begun to run thin. This is more apparent in pine flooring that is older and is now becoming soft. Oak timber floors, which are predominant in households in the US, are the most durable and will usually have a greater longevity than any other flooring type. An even better alternative to solid oak timber floors are engineered timber floors which offer increased durability, strength and longevity.

According to home improvement experts over at HGTV, there are three major tell-tale signs of when and why your oak timber floor would need to be replaced. They include instances where floorboards have degrees of extreme movement between them, floors that have been sanded down too many times and therefore are too thin to accommodate any more refinishing, or floors where there are large structural problems that would require the subfloor to be replaced. Of course there are other instances as well but these are less threatening, such as floors that have been gnawed at by insect infestation or floors that have pet urine or water marks. These latter problems however usually can by fixed by an expert contractor who will choose to only replace the infected timber boards, not the whole floor.

The plus side to replacing your oak timber floors is that the replacements, if well cared for and maintained, will last many years. In oak floors, their longevity can last up to 30 years and that number is even more significant in engineered oak timber floors. Throughout those 30 years the floors can be refinished up to six or seven times giving your floors an even longer life expectancy and you, a beautiful living space.

Tips To Enjoy Barbecue Party For Small Kitchens



Small kitchens are undeniably hard to organize, most especially when you are having so many ware and appliances, you can barely move, isn’t it? That is a very uncomfortable situation that you must need to improve or less, your kitchen will be your final destination.

summer-bbq-1Trying to be funny, but this is a serious topic and tips that are must to follow in order for you to freely work and cook inside you tiny kitchen, as well as to be confident enough in bringing friends in there during the cooking bash every weekend, of course with barbecues and beers for a perfect weekend.

The size is not an excuse for you to organize your kitchen for it to have the safer and more convenient area to prepare meals and cook some barbecues. Instead, consider the size and have this as your basis in buying kinds of appliances, smaller kitchen may sometimes cause you suffocation knowing that grilling causes so much smoke that will get thicker if won’t be able to have proper ventilation.  Remember, lesser is merrier in this small sized kitchen.

There are a lot of appliances now that has a multipurpose use, have them instead of buying separate appliances to do a certain task. There are small grillers that may actually come with stoves .This will make you able to save spaces and extra expenses for your kitchen. So if you are planning to have a barbecue party inside your kitchen, a tiny kitchen that you have, you must consider proper ventilation. Barbecue smells good not when you are suffocated.

Best thing you must do in arranging these decorations you bought is to have them displayed in a higher and the most corners of the kitchen such as on the windows and on top of the cabinets. Remember not to over the windows and the ventilators so that the smoke will be able to go out your kitchen freely.

Here, these decorations will never be out of your control and will not occupy important spaces that are reserved for appliances. Simplicity is the key for you to be able to do this, a simple kitchen is a charming kitchen that will not give you that blank and boring space, you must take advantage of this as you go along and choose designs for it. This way, you will be able to have your barbecue trip in a more convenient and stylish way.

banner-page-bbqLet there be light. Lighting is one of the most important factors your kitchen must have in a proper way. Most especially when you are having the barbecue and beer bash with your friends at night. This will enable you to see things clearly and will give your small kitchen a wider look if positioned and if it has the light shade to reflect.

Small kitchens already has a dimmer look that with the wide ones, make sure that your lightings will match every corner such as the appliances corner and the pathway. Small lamps will give an elegant lighting to your tiny kitchen without compromising the space. You might actually as well consider tropical designs of lamps and lighting pieces to give a more tropical look. Like barbecue party on the beach and etc.

All must have in multipurpose, even the use of the cabinets. They may be fitted and must have as many doors as possible for you to keep everything in a proper way without sacrificing any space. Limit the display of anything outside the cabinet so that you will be able to catch fire when grilling will make some sparks most especially when you put some sauce on the meat.

These are the tips that you must keep in mind in order to have good and proper design for your kitchen that you wish to be the venue for you to have the barbecue trip with some pals. That may be tiny yet this is a precious area of the house considered to be everybody’s favorite.  More than those barbecue.