1. Heart diseases

Many of us wonder how the heart can be affected due to the habit of regular smoking. The studies show that the functioning of heart is clearly based on the lifestyle that a person follows. The habit of smoking is connected to the lifestyle of a person so that any kind of problems in the heart can also be caused. It is quite interesting as well as pathetic that the second hand smokers are also badly affected due to the smoking of a person who lives or stays with them. The passive smoking is one of the major reasons why many of the people suffer from many kinds of ailments in heart.

  1. COPD

This is an abbreviation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is commonly caused to the smokers. Many studies say that eight smokers out of ten suffer from this disease. It is also important to be noted that this is one of the respiratory diseases which can even worsen the asthma problems that a person suffer from. This is why strict regulations are asked by the medical practitioners on the asthma patients to not smoke at any cost.

  1. High cholesterol

The lifestyle of a person is highly connected with the diseases he or she suffers from. As far as a smoker is concerned there is a high chance for high cholesterol since the tobacco in the body can reduce the HDL which is otherwise known as good cholesterol in one’s body. The LDL or otherwise known as bad cholesterol is increased to uncontrollable rates as an effect to this. The triglycerides are also increased in the blood as an effect of this. Later the fats in the body are also increased so that the person starts to gain weight in future.

  1. Immune system

This is the core system in the body which protects us from all the attack of outside diseases causing factors. What if the immune system is damaged? The proximity of causing diseases increase and the bacteria’s or other substances that cause the diseases finds it so easier to attack the body. This is why a regular smoker is also considered to be a regular patient. This is the major reason hay the respiratory tract of the smokers is always affected by some kinds of infection. It is also important to be noted that once the infection is affected to the person it seems very difficult to cure since the reposing system to the medication also has a possibility top get weaker.

  1. Infertility

This is a major issue which has to be disused with great concern and care. Studies show that the infertility issues are common to bother men and women if they smoke on a regular basis.

The way in which the body and health of a regular smoker is affected is so worse than the imagination of one. The major diseases include the heart ailments, COPD, lower immune system, infertility and high cholesterol which increase the weight.