Some vapers really love attention. They resort to all sorts of tricks to gain attention. You may have seen them doing vape tricks and what not. Some enjoy generating huge clouds. Is it a good idea? Not really. Given the fact that vaping is frowned upon in most places; one should stay away from showing off. If you are living in an area where vaping is either banned or restricted then you will be forced to do it without attracting attention towards you. If it’s only about having your regular dose of nicotine then you need to find ways to do it in manner which wouldn’t attract attention. And it is referred to as stealth vaping. You learn to be an invisible vaper.

In some cases it is all about vaping in peace. You don’t want strangers to stare at you or approach you with all that annoying questions. Being good at stealth vaping is definitely going to help you in scenarios like these.

Why stealth vaping is needed at all?

Stealth vaping isn’t pleasant to be honest. Vaping is an enjoyable experience and you should be allowed to do it in peace as long as you are not troubling anyone. But one has to accept and follow the law of the land. Nobody is above the law and if law restricts it you will have to comply with it. Having said that nicotine addiction is not something one can hope to curb so easily. We live in a world where vaping laws and going through lot of transformation. We hear about vaping bans left right center on a daily basis. You are allowed to vape in public places when it comes to certain places or countries; just the opposite in other places.

Smokers have it easy!

That’s the fact. Smokers never get bombarded with such awkward queries from strangers. Smokers are allowed to smoke in peace, as long as they stick to the designated places for smoking. On the other hand, vapers always attract curious people with lot of unwanted questions. So stealth vaping can be you final resort. You are forced to opt for it in order to retain your privacy and peace. If you are concerned about privacy then it is smart to fight the temptation to blow huge clouds.

Tips for stealth vaping

The very first thing you need to do is to identify all the dead-giveaway things. Then you you should do everything to avoid those things.

Most importantly, you should not act weird which is telling. It is foolish to make it look like you have something to hide. Remember you are going to assume the role of a good spy here. So you have to stick to your objectives. You need to act normal in order to avoid suspicion. And just wait for the right opportunities which will surely appear.

Next up you need to opt for a stealth device. You will come across so many devices in the market today that serve your purpose. You have to avoid devices that produce more noise and bigger clouds.